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Voters need to know that Annie Cho is a proud Democrat and a strong supporter of the Democratic Party. 

Annie was proud to support, campaign for, and advocate for Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 because she understood the dangers of Donald Trump. We are still seeing the fallout of the 2016 election and Donald Trump winning the presidency, with his right-wing, radical Supreme Court justices voting to overturn Roe v Wade and abortion rights. Annie believes that had all Democrats united behind Hillary Clinton in opposition of Trump, Hillary would have been in a stronger position to succeed.

In 2020, Annie Cho was an unyielding, enthusiastic supporter of Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President. She also strongly supports President Biden and Vice President Harris' agenda. To learn more about Annie's strong support of President Biden and the Democratic Party voters need to read her Priorities page on her website.

As voters can see from the campaign Priorities page, Annie is a strong supporter of law enforcement, police, 911 emergency responders and firefighters. In the State Assembly she will work to fully fund public safety.

Voters also need to know there is a strong difference, both in background, world-views and positions on the issues, between the candidates in this race. Voters can see here.

In addition, voters need to know that Annie Cho's opponent has made scores of public comments on public platforms making clear her views and positions on a variety of topics. To view Annie Cho's opponent's public comments, please click here. Voters have also received some information from Annie's campaign highlighting such comments.

Voters can view high resolution still images of Annie Cho here.

Voters can view high resolution video footage of Annie Cho here.

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